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Who we are?

Academy of Shotokan Karate Ireland is a member of the Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland (ONAKAI) and works closely with the organisation to bring Karate to a new level of training and sports. Sensei Michael J. Hogan, 5th Dan, is our Senior Instructor for the Ireland branch of the Academy of Shotokan Karate. Our Mission is to promote Karate as an effective Martial Art for self defense and also as an exciting combat sport for everyone.

Academy of Shotokan Karate

The Academy of Shotokan Karate was founded by Sensei Dave Hazard in 2003. Sensei Hazard teaches seminars in the UK, Ireland and Canada, bringing his expertise in Kumite, Kata, applications and the effectiveness of the art of Karate. The A.S.K. is supported by senior instructors with impressive experiences and abilities. The Academy of Shotokan Karate’s Ireland branch and its affilate Dojos are proud to be members of the A.S.K.

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