ASKI at Annual ASK Instructors’ Course

ASKI Blackbelts Kevin Nolan (2nd dan) and Maurice Keane (1st dan) accompanied Sensei Michael Hogan (5th dan – Senior Instructor for ASK Ireland) to the Annual Academy of Shotokan Karate Instructor’s Course. The course took place at The Dojo in Nottingham, the Honbu Dojo for Sensei Aidan Trimble’s Federation of Shotokan Karate (FSK).


Maurice Keane (1st dan) and Kevin Nolan (2nd dan) at the Instructors’ Course

The one-day course was attended by ASK instructors from across the UK and Ireland.

Covered on the day were the general syllabus and specific training methods to improve Yoko Geri Ke-age (side rising side-kick). Sensei Hazard has many-a-time emphasised the  effectiveness of this kick in Self-Defense scenarios and it is fantastic seeing the link made between Classical Kihon (basics) and application.