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Sensei Hogan EKF judge – first in Ireland!

Sensei Michael Hogan (ASK Ireland Senior Instructor) gained his European Karate Federation Kata Judge B license last June (2012). It was a proud day for ASK Ireland as Sensei Hogan is the first in Ireland to gain this qualification after sitting through the rigorous Examination in Moscow (Russia) during the European Championships. The exams involve ... More

Kyu grading class – Kilmurry Dojo – Sunday 19th May 2013

A great day for Clare Shotokan Karate Club and the Irish branch of the Academy of Shotokan Karate. Sensei Hogan (flanked by his black belts or “yudansha” Sensei Anthony Raleigh and Sempai Cian Hogan) graded our Kilmurry Dojo Kyu grade Karate-ka this Sunday morning. There were beginners getting their first colours, either Belts or Stars (for the ... More

Sport Karate Competition Rules (WKF)

Clare Shotokan Karate Club and Sensei Hogan are strong supporters for the continual development of Karate as martial arts and sports. We are supporters of The K is On the Way. Some traditionalists say competition and sport is the antithesis of Karate-do. We believe there is a place in the 21st century for tradition and sport to co-exist if done right. ... More

Level One Coaching Course – fin

Part Two (see Part one here) of the ONAKAI Level One Coaching Course finished with a high. We got loads of nice coaching related goodies to show off our new credentials. Loads of different backgrounds and styles, but one thing we all loved was Karate and teaching. The weekend was a melting pot of ideas from Itosu-Kai (Shito-Ryu), Kyukishin-Kai, Shotokan, ... More

Coaching Course Level 1 – ONAKAI

Clare Shotokan Karate Club (CSKC) was recently in attendance of ONAKAI's Level One Coaching Course. Our chief instructor of the CSKC; Sensei Michael J. Hogan is a course tutor at the course. Sensei gave brilliant talks on working with disabilities, involvement within sports and the club, and the role/qualities of the coach. This is the first official ... More

Clare Shotokan Karate Cadets in ONAKAI National Squad

Clare Shotokan Karate Club's own Cian Hogan and Padraig Hassett are doing us proud on the national squad. Cian and Padraig also attended National Kata Squad training with Marie Dolphin Sensei Dolphin took over as National Kata Coach after Sensei Hogan stepped back to focus on his local clubs. Sensei Hogan is currently the ONAKAI's Munster Regional Kata ... More

Sensei Hogan receives 5th Dan from the Academy of Shotokan Karate

Weekend Karate Seminar in Derry, Northern Ireland with our sister club: Academy of Shotokan Karate Eglinton. A momentous occasion for the Clare Shotokan Karate Club as Founder, Chief Instructor and Chairman Sensei Michael James Hogan received his 5th degree black belt certificate from Sensei Dave Hazard (Founder and Chief Instructor of The Academy of ... More