Shotokan Karate Kyu Grading success A.S.K. Seminar weekend

Congratulations everyone from the Kilmurry, Kinvara, Kilkishen and Cratloe Dojos who graded over the weekend with our chief instructor Sensei Dave Hazard.
Saturday, Sensei covered your Grading Kata and a few bit you need to change the coming months. So don’t get lazy over the Summer!

group 1 ASK_May2016

Saturday Class

group 2 ASK_May2016 web

On Sunday, for the Brown and Black belt class Sensei Hazard covered Kanku Dai in detail. We cleared up most of the confusion with particular techniques which had been obfuscated in recent decades by competition and sport. Sensei made frequent references to the older ShuriTe systems and even our sister style Shito Ryu and Wado Ryu on what works well in Self Preservation, and not what excites the judges. The How you get there from A to B is equally as important as the Why, not because it’s “faster”.

Applications from Classical/Basic to Kumite, to natural/Street conflict. That’s all the answer we need. And as Sensei says: “you already knew the answer, I just reminded you”. Indeed, and it hurts!

Special Mention for Padraig Hass

Padraig Coaching webett from Kilmurry (ONAKAI Team Kata Squad member) who received his Introduction to Coaching in Karate.