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Seminar & Grading SUCCESS – Onwards and Upwards

Clare Shotokan Karate Club held our December ASK Seminar and Grading with Sensei Hazard over the Weekend. Seminar Saturday saw the Heian Kata and Tekki Shodan covered in detail from performance in a practical sense compared to the competition/gymnastic. Kihon Bunkai (basic Analysis) was used to give everyone an idea of what a technical part of the kata was ... More

Kyu grading class – Kilmurry Dojo – Sunday 19th May 2013

A great day for Clare Shotokan Karate Club and the Irish branch of the Academy of Shotokan Karate. Sensei Hogan (flanked by his black belts or “yudansha” Sensei Anthony Raleigh and Sempai Cian Hogan) graded our Kilmurry Dojo Kyu grade Karate-ka this Sunday morning. There were beginners getting their first colours, either Belts or Stars (for the ... More