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Sensei Hazard awards diplomas to new ASK black belts

May,2017 : ASK seminar with Sensei Hazard Big congratulations to Padraig Hassett and Maurice Keane on receiving their Shodan diplomas from Sensei Hazard. They did excellent gradings in December 2016. Congratulations everyone who graded for their Mon and Kyu grades. Sensei Hazard gave a lot of feedback on what needs to be worked on. Particula... More

New 2nd Dan Black Belt for ASKI

Congratulations to Cian Hogan on passing his 2nd dan exam under Sensei Hazard in early December. Cian and Padraig are both part of the ONAKAI Mens' TEAM KATA squad for 2016. The future is bright! Overview:    Cian Hogan passed for his 2nd dan with flying colours after performing an impeccable Jitte ("ten hands") Kata and Kaeshi Ippon Kumite ... More

ONAKAI Coaching Course 2015 – Intro to Coaching

O.N.A.K.A.I. COACHING COURSES Introduction To Coaching and Level 1 Coaching (Courses are about coaching karate and not about any particular style of karate) INTRODUCTION TO COACHING • Saturday, 6th June 2015 • Course fee is €65 • Age ? 16 years of age • Closing date: Friday 8th May.   The venue for the courses will be determined on a ... More